23 Apr

Below are some helpful tips to guide you along your beef cooking journey.  We know there are many options when it comes to how one cooks their particular steak or roast but we'd like to offer a guide for some recipes that our family has grown to love.

First and foremost is "reverse searing".  It has quickly become one of our favorite ways to cook a T-Bone, Ribeye or Sirloin Steak.  It's simple yet a little time consuming, so make sure to read the full recipe and plan ahead.  

We own a Pit Boss Wood Pellet Grill and absolutely love it!  Any pellet style grill will work for this cooking method.

Reverse Sear - Finish on stove top in cast iron skillet or if you'd prefer (or the way like to cook ours) Reverse Sear - Pit Boss Grill Style

Fajitas - Grilled

Fajita Seasoning - Homemade

Roast - Oven

Roast - Crockpot 

Roast - Instant Pot

Brisket - Oven Roasted

Brisket - Texas Style, Wet

Brisket - Texas Style, Dry (How We Like It) - We prefer our brisket without any sauce but either way, you can't go wrong.  This is where you can get a little experiment-y (I think that's a word, right) and adjust to your liking.

Educational Site About Brisket & Recipe

Beef Short Ribs - Oven

Beef Short Ribs - BBQ

Chicken Fried Steak with Country Gravy

Instant Pot Recipes - 2020 (Variety of recipes) or Best Instant Pot Recipes

All About Pressure Cooking - learn all you need to know about ins and outs of pressure cooking.

Last but certainly not least is our favorite drink to sip while enjoying one of the many recipes above - TX Bourbon!  

Whether you are a novice chef or a beginner, the cooking methods are still made with love.  So don't put too much pressure on yourself when deciding how to cook a certain cut of meat.  Find a recipe you like and follow it accordingly - I promise you will be happy with the outcome.  The first step is having a good quality cut of meat and that's where we come into play.  We thank you for all of your support and please don't hesitate to call us should you have any questions or need guidance.  We are here to help YOU!

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